Note on the quality of the raw Moldavites

Moldavites are excavated from sandy-gravelly sediments and can be damaged in the process. Our Moldavites are not treated with acid or anything similar to conceal them! In the description text, any damage is stated under condition as follows:


- perfect --> Moldavite shows no fresh fractures.

- good --> Moldavite has individual, small and barely visible (< 1mm) fractures.

-ok --> Moldavite shows several small fractures but no major damage.

Old fractures caused by geological transport through rivers or similar have a matt surface and are not considered to be damage to moldavite.

Note on weight information:

All weight information (g. grams/kt. carat 0.2g) was determined, in accordance with the German calibration law, with a scale approved and regularly calibrated by the German calibration office!